PHARMIA’s leadership team is comprised of individuals who are dedicated in upholding the company’s core principles of quality, affordability, and integrity. We will produce and sell products with the highest quality we expect for ourselves, our children and our friends, and sell them at the lowest possible margin we can rationally provide to patients, payers, and our healthcare system. This is our key driving principle for the formation of the company and its ongoing operations. Based on a solid starting foundation and a low risk business model, the investors should have full confidence in Dr. Sinkule, Dr. Hirschman, and the US and European management team’s ability to work together, complimenting each other, in a manner to help further the vision and strategy to cooperatively bring the Company into the next 3 Stages of commercial operation.

Our dedicated team is comprised of individuals with the technical, pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical and business expertise that is necessary for innovation that results in the development of a diverse range of life-saving medicines. PHARMIA personnel and advisors in the U.S. and Europe have extensive experience in the “branded” pharmaceutical and the generic drug industries, and in biotechnology and biosimilar processes for making and selling biologic drugs. The Company will exploit its technical and commercial expertise to develop and obtain approval to launch, market and sell our own branded, onco-generic and super-generic product lines while also offering significant cost savings to patients, doctors, and payers – both in Government and Private practice.

Dr. Joseph Sinkule

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director

Dr. Sinkule has over 35 years of drug, biologic, and medical device commercialization experience, and this serial entrepreneur is the founder and driving force behind the Company, its growing product portfolio, and financing strategies. He has personally managed over 8 drug and biotech products successfully through FDA approval to market, 5 medical devices and 8 in vitro diagnostics. He has hired and managed both small and large teams of people in pharma and biotech organizations, and ran contract research organizations (CRO’s) working for large and small clients. After serving in academics and industry, Dr. Sinkule has evolved into a successful businessman and serial entrepreneur. He serves on the Board of 2 companies, and routinely consults for venture capitalists, investment banks, and large pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Shalom Hirschman

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Director

Dr. Shalom Hirschman, M.D. is a preeminent research physician, medical expert, and entrepreneur in infectious diseases, oncology, and cancer supportive care, and a key advisor to the Company. As a young man, he served as intern and resident in medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital of The Harvard Medical School and then went on to a career in molecular biology research at the National Institute of Health (NIH). He interacted closely with several Nobel Prize winners including Dr. Roslyn Yalow. He was recruited by the great medical scientist Dr. Solomon Berson to The Mount Sinai School of Medicine and The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City as Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, and eventually he also became Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where he remained for three decades. He still is asked to consult on difficult diagnostic dilemmas like the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Jon McGarity

Chairman of the Board

Jon W. McGarity is an experienced pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device executive with extensive experience not only in the United States but also internationally. He has held senior management positions at large companies including Novartis (Sandoz), Bristol Myers and Glaxo, Inc. In addition, he has held numerous positions as the Chairman, CEO/President, COO and Chief Business Officer at several earlier stage companies including MiClimate, SAQS Alliance, Inc., Elasta Orthopaedics, NeuroEM Therapeutics, MedApps, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Inc. and INSYS Therapeutics. He has extensive consulting experience as the Executive VP of Campbell Alliance, which was the premier management consulting firm in pharma/biotech/medical device prior to being acquired. He addition, he also has his own consulting firm, EthiX Associates since 1996. Mr. McGarity is the Founder of the present day Arizona BioIndustry Association (AzBIO) where the Bioscience Leader of the Year Annual Award is in his name. He has strong management and financial skill sets having completed several offerings including IPOs, Secondary Offerings & Convertible Debentures. In addition, he is a Board Director and/ or investor in several private biotech and medical device companies.

Dr. Deirdre Tessman, Ph.D

Managing Director, European Operations

Dr. Tessman has over 25 years of drug and medical device development experience, she is a serial entrepreneur and an expert at product development and project management, having worked 8 years in the CRO industry and 12 years for Bayer Pharmaceuticals in European pharmaceuticals sales and marketing, managing product launch and sales in Europe and the U.S. Dr. Tessman will oversee product development and commercialization efforts including sales and marketing in Europe and other markets/countries.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Joseph Sinkule – CEO and Chair of Corporate Governance Committee.
  • Mr. Jon McGarity – Chairman of the Board, Chair of Compensation Committee.
  • Dr. Shalom Hirschman – Medical Product Development expert; Chair, Medical Advisory Committee.
  • Independent 1 – Chair, Audit Committee.
  • Independent 2 – Chair, IR/PR Committee.

The Company is recruiting four new Independent Board members in 2020-2021. The current Board is highly experienced at start-up operations, generic drug regulations in Europe and the US, in-house and CMO manufacturing facilities operations, marketing and sales of pharmaceuticals, and “going public” activities.

The U.S. staffing plan will provide for a personnel count of from 12-15 people, while the European staffing plan with operations based in Ireland will provide for a staff of 10-15 people in the 2021-2023 timeframe. With a planned shift to a predominant marketing & sales organizational structure which is to be in place by 2022, an international staff of approximately 25-30 people will be added to the core staffing plan with a focus on marketing & sales of our existing generic and branded super-generic product lines in North America, Europe, and other international markets.